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ACS 0401 Diabetes mellitus and impaired glucose regulation 4th Edition

Publication Date: March 2005

ICD 10 AM Edition: Fourth edition

Retired Date: 30/6/2010

Query Number: 2020

In 4th edition of ICD-10-AM 'diabetes with multiple microvascular complications' (page 101 ACS 0401) does not contain the errata from the previous edition in the classification box. Is this to be amended via upcoming errata or are the categories to remain as stated?

If the categories are to remain as stated am I correct in understanding that a patient with a diabetic cataract (E1-.36) and acute renal failure (E1-.29) would not be classifiable to multiple microvascular complications but a patient with diabetes, a cataract and acute renal failure (E1-.39, H26.9, E1-.29) would?


This query was referred to NCCH who advised:

1. The code categories in ACS 0401 Diabetes Mellitus And Impaired Glucose Regulation, 'Diabetes with multiple microvascular complications, Classification' section were reviewed by clinicians for ICD-10-AM Fourth Edition. 'E1-.36' has been excluded. Therefore, the code categories are correct as they currently appear in ICD-10-AM 4th Edition.

2. Your assumption regarding the scenarios described is correct. 'E1.-.39' and 'E1-.49' had to be included in the code ranges to capture eradicated conditions. This will result in what appears to be inconsistencies. However, the NCCH supports these current classification guidelines.