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Publication Date: March 2007

ICD 10 AM Edition: Fifth edition

Retired Date: 30/6/2013

Query Number: 2168

1/ If transfer of umbilicus is documented but repair of musclo-aponeurotic layer is NOT documented can we assume repair is radical?

2/ Is repair of rectus sheath part of the musculo-aponeurotic layer?

Search Details:
-abdominal apron 30165-00 [1666]
---excision of skin and subcutaneous tissue
----and repair of musculo-aponeurotic layer
-----and transposition of umbilicus 30177-00 [1666]
[Extracted from NCCH ICD-10-AM, July 2004, A.]


The VICC sought clarification from NCCH regarding the indexing of abdominoplasty:
"The NCCH agrees there are inconsistencies in the indexing of abdominoplasty.

In response to the questions you have posed the NCCH advises that the breakdown in the index should include entries for abdominoplasty NEC, radical and subumbilical. Some of the currently listed entries should be non-essential modifiers rather than index entries as they are already documented as 'Includes' notes in the ACHI Tabular List. Please also refer to ACS 0041 CONVENTIONS USED IN THE ALPHABETIC INDEX OF INTERVENTIONS.

This will be reviewed for a future edition of ACHI."

In the meantime the VICC advises that all three components of the procedure currently listed as essential modifiers in the index, must be documented before 30177-00 [1662] Lipectomy of abdominal apron, radical can be assigned.

For the case cited, VICC determined that rectus sheath repair is repair of musculo-aponeurotic layer and therefore 30177-00 [1662] can be assigned.