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ACS 1521 Conditions complicating pregnancy

Publication Date: March 2008

ICD 10 AM Edition: Fifth edition

Retired Date: 30/6/2013

Query Number: 2365

The recent VAED audit has highlighted some confusion with regard to conditions complicating versus commonly occurring in pregnancy. Would the committee please clarify the intent of ACS 1521 Conditions complicating pregnancy with regard to conditions commonly occurring and predominantly related to pregnancy such as vomiting in pregnancy, urinary tract infections, carpal tunnel syndrome, pre-existing diabetes and vaginal bleeding.

Should we ever be coding an 'O code' for these conditions in pregnant woman if they are not documented as 'complicating' or 'complicated by' pregnancy.

On another note, please also refer to NCCH query Q2071, has this been superseded? Should the codes for these scenarios be void of obstetric chapter codes?


In accordance with Coding Matters Volume 12 Number 1 article titled Trauma during pregnancy, the following guidelines should be applied to determine how to code conditions occuring during pregnancy:
If there is documentation of obstetric care but the reason for admission is not complicating the pregnancy, assign Z34 Supervision of normal pregnancy to reflect the obstetric care.

If there is documentation that the condition is complicated by the pregnancy or complicating the pregnancy, follow the index and assign the appropriate 'O' code.

If there is no documentation that the condition is complicated by the pregnancy or complicating the pregnancy and no obstetric care is given, assign Z33 Pregnant state, incidental.

NCCH Q2071 has been superseded by the advice provided in Coding Matters as described above which is in line with the advice in ACS 1521 Conditions complicating pregnancy.