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ACS 1521 Conditions complicating pregnancy

Publication Date: September 2008

ICD 10 AM Edition: Fifth edition

Retired Date: 30/6/2013

Query Number: 2397

ACS 1521 Conditions complicating pregnancy includes the following sentence:
'To code other conditions complicating pregnancy (or being aggravated by the pregnancy or that are the main reason for obstetric care), a code from ...

Could the committee please advise if the following case contains adequate documentation for a coder to assign a code from the Obstetrics chapter as principal diagnosis, as per the above sentence:
Pregnant female admitted with a diagnosis of Cholestasis. There is no documentation that the cholestasis has complicated the pregnancy in any way, except for a note on discharge 'ANC review next week with repeat LFT's and increased CTG monitoring'. Is 'increased CTG monitoring' adequate for a coder to determine that this condition has complicated the pregnancy?


For the case cited, VICC considers that increased CTG monitoring is sufficient evidence to support that this condition has complicated the pregnancy.