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Abdominoplasty for reduction of the excess skin

Publication Date: June 2010

ICD 10 AM Edition: Sixth edition

Retired Date: 30/6/2015

Query Number: 2535

As a positive result of lap band surgery many patients represent for abdominoplasty for reduction of the excess skin.

After checking the 10 AM Commandments Volume 8 Number 2 September 2001, I refer to Abdominal Apron/overhang for the use of Code E65 Localised adiposity.

Whilst the wording of excess/loose skin or marked weight loss requiring abdominoplasty is not the same as 'abdominal apron' or 'abdominal overhang' can this code be applied for elective abdominoplasty?

So far we have been using a code from the skin chapter from L98- Disorder of skin and subcutaneous tissue. Is this the appropriate code?


Abdominal overhang refers to localised adiposity rather than to excess skin as per Coding Matters Volume 8 Number 2 September 2001, therefore the advice in Coding Matters is not relevant to the case cited.

VICC considers the appropriate diagnosis code to assign for these cases is Z42.2 Follow-up care involving plastic surgery of other parts of trunk in accordance with the advice in ACS 1204 Plastic surgery.