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ACS 1521 Conditions and injuries in pregnancy - Fetal evaluation

Publication Date: March 2018

ICD 10 AM Edition: Tenth edition

Retired Date: 30/6/2020

Query Number: 3312

ACS 1521 Conditions and injuries in pregnancy states:
In the absence of specific documentation, a nonobstetric condition is classified as complicating pregnancy as indicated by two or more of the following criteria:
- Patient is admitted to an obstetric unit
- Patient is supervised/evaluated by an obstetrician, midwife and/or neonatologist (Note: evaluation may be performed remotely. That is, the clinician is located in another facility and consults via electronic methods (eg video/telephone conferencing)
- Fetal evaluation and/or monitoring is performed

1. Could you please confirm if an abdominal ultrasound in early pregnancy (to assess pregnancy location (ie. Intrauterine, tubal etc)) would be considered fetal evaluation?
2. If a patient were supervised / evaluated by a Gynaecologist, would this be a factor in meeting the criteria as complicating pregnancy? For example, we have a patient admitted in early pregnancy for emergency appendectomy, the gynaecologist evaluated patient prior to surgery to assess fetal viability and attended the surgical procedure, as the patient was pregnant.


VICC advises that an abdominal ultrasound to assess pregnancy location would be considered to be fetal evaluation.

As a gynaecologist specialises in the female reproductive system, dealing with a wide range of issues including obstetrics, pregnancy and childbirth, VICC considers that supervision by a gynaecologist would meet the criteria in ACS 1521 Conditions and injuries in pregnancy under section Nonobstetric conditions complicating pregnancy.