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ACS 0051 Same-day endoscopy - diagnostic

Publication Date: June 2019

ICD 10 AM Edition: Tenth edition

Query Number: 3491

ACS 0051 Same-day endoscopy - diagnostic says 'This standard does not apply where principal/additional diagnoses are clearly documented.'

Our hospital has discharge summaries for same day endoscopy patients, on which a clear principal diagnosis is documented. Does VICC Query #3261 (which refers to 'operative diagnosis') still apply in this instance? If so, do VICC Queries override Australian Coding Standards?


VICC advice is intended to clarify understanding of Australian Coding Standards and ICD-10-AM/ACHI for Victorian coders, hence VICC query #3261 Principal diagnosis in same day endoscopy episode was published to clarify what to do where there is no clear principal diagnosis for a same day endoscopy.

In your hospital there is a discharge summary with a principal diagnosis, therefore ACS 0001 Principal diagnosis should be followed as ACS 0051 Same-day endoscopy diagnostic does not apply.