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Ablation of pancreatic pseudocyst

Publication Date: May 2023

Implementation Date: 1/06/2023

ICD 10 AM Edition: Twelfth Edition

Query Number: 3875

Patient admitted with pancreatic pseudocyst requiring ablation.

Currently within the classification there are no ACHI procedure codes for ablation of a pancreatic pseudocyst.

Could VICC please advise:
What procedure code(s) should be used to reflect ablation of a pancreatic pseudocyst?


VICC research indicates that there are two general methods for ablation of pancreatic cysts. Both methods use endoscopic ultrasound to target the pancreatic cystic lesion and direct a needle into the cyst. Once the needle is in the cyst, endoscopists can either inject the cyst with a medication to ablate it, or they can deliver energy to burn off the cyst.

From the operation report provided with the query, VICC notes the procedure was performed endoscopically.

As ACHI does not have a specific code for endoscopic ablation of pancreatic cyst, VICC advises to assign the following codes:
30375-14 [976] Incision and drainage of pancreas following Index entry Incision/pancreas, pancreatic
30473-00 [1005] Panendoscopy to duodenum following Index entry Panendoscopy (double balloon) (to duodenum)
30688-00 [1949] Endoscopic ultrasound following Index entry Ultrasound (diagnostic) (scan)/endoscopic